Glossaries: S

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Software as a Service.


Single Board Computer.


Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition.


Software-Defined Networking.


Standards Development Organization.


A device used to measure a specific characteristic of the surrounding environment, such as temperature. The use of sensors and actuators to connect things to the physical world is a key component of IoT. A properly implemented sensor ideally should be sensitive only to the characteristic being measured and should not interfere with what’s being measured nor be influenced by other characteristics.

Sensor Analytics

Statistical analysis of data that is created by wired or wireless sensors.

Sensor Fusion

The process of combining and processing the raw data coming out of multiple sensors to generate usable information. For example, because of the quantity of sensors, a NASA un-crewed vehicle on Mars requires sensor fusion to detect if there has been a failure.

Sensor Hub

A technology that connects sensor data and processes them. This way the hub does part of a processors data-processing job.

Serial Peripheral Interface (SPI)

A specification developed by Motorola for use in short distance communication between sensors and microcontrollers such as Arduino. In contrast to the I2C specification, the full-duplex SPI runs at a higher data rate and is appropriate for applications such as Ethernet and memory cards.