About the Internet of Things FAQ

The Internet of Things FAQ is brought to you by Aeris, a pioneer and leader in the market of the Internet of Things. We are both a technology provider and a cellular network operator delivering comprehensive IoT / M2M services to leading brands around the world. We put the “Internet” in the Internet of Things.

Aeris – The Complete IoT Technology Solution

We are an IoT solutions provider with a complete stack of technology from an online management portal to an application enablement platform. With a full complement of cellular technologies, Aeris offers GSM and CDMA for 2G, 3G, and 4G/LTE.

Among our customers are the most demanding users of IoT services today, including Hyundai, Acura, Rand McNally, Leica, and Sprint. Through our technology platform and dedicated IoT and M2M services, we strive to fundamentally improve their businesses — by dramatically reducing costs, improving operational efficiency, reducing time-to-market, and enabling new revenue streams.

Our global headquarters is in Silicon Valley (Santa Clara, California), and we have offices in Chicago and India. Our European headquarters is near London, UK. Visit www.aeris.com or follow us on Twitter @AerisM2M to learn how we can inspire you to create new business models and to participate in the revolution of the Internet of Things.